Dunedin has a population of about 120,000. Its University was the first established in New Zealand. It has a strong Scottish heritage and owes a lot to the discovery of gold in the 1860's.
Royal Albatross Colony, Taiaroa Heads. These amazing birds spend much of their lives flying, and feed off the east coast of South America!! They return to this area to breed. Often there are chics to see with their mothers protecting them. The area has a cafe and restaurant and also excellent places to view the birds up close without disturbing them. www.albatross.org.nz  nearthealbatrosscolony
 armstrong gun Armstrong disappearing gun. While at the albatross colony, take a look at this piece of protection placed there  in the late eighteen hundreds to ward off a possible attack from Tsarist Russia. It is in a remarkable state of preservation.
University city. More than any other place in New Zealand, the University dominates the landscape, the economy, and the social activities. The main medical school and school of dentistry are located here, as well as the school of mines. The main old building is a good example of gothic architecture and there are many new buildings in the vicinity of downtown Dunedin. A walk round the area which also houses the museum is well worth while. otago uni main building 
Botanical Gardens. These are excep[tionally well maintaiined in northern Dunedin and if horticulture takes you fancy, then a visit here would be enjoyable. The brewery and Chocolate factories conduct tours. This is the home of Speights beer, a well known brand name like Guiness of Heinekin.
 chinese garden entrance Chinese Gardens. Right in the centre of the city is a walled Chinese Garden, a centre of peace and tranquility, built by Chinese artisans using Chinese materials. It was opened as recently as 2008.
Street pattern and cable cars. Dunedin is sometimes called the ' Edinburgh of the South' and has an octagonal street pattern for the centre of the city. This did not fit well onto a hilly area, as a walk round the Octagon and Moray Place will show.   Cable cars used to run up Stuart St. Now you can drive ( or walk!) up the street to Otago Boys High School ( another Gothic building) on the left or the enclosed swimming pool on the right. octagon 
newstadium  Indoor stadia. The cooler conditions mean that the city benefits from having netball able to be played indoors ( at St Kilda) and recently opened an indoor area for playing rugby where the roof can open if the weather is fine. Both stadia are large buildings for New Zealand.
St Clair beach. If you are interested in surfing, a look at St Clair beach is a must. It has a salt water tepid pool if you dont fancy a dip in the cooler ocean. Pool is on the left hand side of the photo.   st clair
.larnach Larnach's Castle. Rumoured to be haunted the castle was built by William Larnach in the late eighteen hundreds. It houses a long narrow ballroom and gives one 360 views over Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula. The gardens are immaculately kept. A good time to do the tour would be either before or after you have visited the albatross colony.