North Taranaki

The central feature of North Taranaki is the city of New Plymouth with a population of about 70,000. It has developed from an agricultural town to one servicing the gas and oil industry in the nearby areas.
 There is a coastal walkway which stretches several kilometres along the shore on either side of the Wind Wand, a copy of  work of Len Lye, and is so popular with walkers and cyclists that it is being extended in both directions.
chaddy    Immediately off the coast are two volcanic remnants which now form a marine park. (In the picture above, one of them can be seen in the distance to the left of the power station chimney)There are daily trips in an old ( but very serviceable ) lifeboat around the rocks ably escorted by Chaddy and his dog ( 1st mate)  The first mate spends most of his time fishing!
Pukekura Park. One of the nicest parks in the country, the main entrance has a amphitheatred cricket ground by it and this leads on into a large park of native trees and a fernery. If you are there in December to March, the area is worth a visit at night for all of the trees are lit up  and there are goblins and a sleeping giant in one of the trees. Also in this area is the Bowl of Brooklands where open air concerts are held. In early 2010  Fleetwood Mac and Cliff Richards and the Shadows performed to capacity audiences of over 10,000 Pukekura 
PukeAriki   Puke Ariki houses the information centre, the museum and the Library in the one complex. It is close to the foreshore and the windwand  and is fringed by nikau palms and areas of native grass.
Oakura is 15 kilometres to the south west of New Plymouth and is a seaside resort. It has a well placed camping ground right on the coast and there are many artisans who live and work in the area producing excellent paintings and photographs of the mountain and the coasts. oakura 
onaero  On the northern side of New Plymouth is a small beach settlement of Onaero, largely untouched by tourists but with an excellent cafe-restaurant, and a sandy beach to walk along or swim off.
This area has great significance to the writer and webmaster as it is the place where they live!.