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Sometimes rental cars are cheaper if you book them before you come to New Zealand.  In other cases they
may well be cheaper if you use a NZ site to book.

Below are some addresses of car rental companies. However there are many more and if you want a greater
variety, we suggest you use a Search Engine ( e.g. Google) and enter 'rental vehicles New Zealand' into
the search line.

One site that may be very useful for you compares the cost of hiring a car from various companies.

It is

Avis Rentals big international company
Budget Rentals   "             "                  "
Hertz Rentals   "             "                  "
Ace Rentals smaller company but throughout New Zealand
Bargain Rental Cars      "              "          "            "           "          "
 National Car Rentals      ''              "          "            "           "          "


Site  compares costs of rentals...