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New Zealand is a country dominated by nature, so for extreme and active tourists this is the right place to go. Waterfalls and geysers, beaches and glaciers, hills and lakes - this is an incomplete list of its beauty. Diving and ecotourism - all about New Zealand: map, tours and photos.

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New Zealand is famous for its gorgeous nature - geysers, mountains and lakes, forests and grottoes, glaciers and beaches. A widespread environmental movement allows all this splendor to be preserved in almost pristine condition, even in the areas of major cities.

In addition to the beautiful unique nature and intense "sightseeing", the country has another very important plus in the eyes of a particular category of tourists - the well-deserved title of the home of extreme and active tourism. Adrenaline jumps in the blood even from the mere listing of local attractions: bungee jumping, skydiving and gliding, rap-jumping and windsurfing, as well as zorbing, and much more.

Mt Taranaki
Standing over 8000' directly from the sea, Mt Taranaki is in the centre of an extremely fertile lowland, used mainly for dairying.
A jet on the Shotover River
Fancy a jetboat ride through the Shotover River Gorge near Queenstown?
You can also go whale watching, admire mighty fjords and thousand-year-old glaciers, wander around cozy Wellington and bustling Auckland, or, what the heck, learn English.